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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


So I've been thinking about getting a full suspension bike for quite a while now. Narrowed it down to a SC Bronson or 5010. I would have pulled the trigger a long time ago, but it irks me to spend $3000+ for a bike that I won't use that often.
Rode VK last night on a piece-of-shit ss fat bike and had a great time. I felt awesome afterward mostly because: the first ride at VK always sucks, and last night it didn't.
Got me thinking:



Fatbike cheaper
Fat bike less maintenance
Fat bike greatly extended my riding time thru the winter and spring

Except: already have a fat bike.
That I can ride at VK and have a great time.

Some might say I don't need another bike.
They might be right.


Supai and the Hog

I'm fired up right now about two things:
a) Supai ran the whole trail with me at VK last night for the first time in a long time. 
2) I rode VK last night on my $400 Bikesdirect SS fat bike and only had to push one small section, the part back up from the gasline/road access with the switchback tun. And I almost cleaned the switch back!!
The gearing on that thing is perfect for VK and I had an awesome time. I will have to upgrade the brakes, tho. At probably 40lbs, the Hog definitely needs some stopping power.
2b) I done a good thing by mashing down some pie cutter tracks, too. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday in WV

So I got to spend a day in one of my favorite places to ride buff suburban West Virgina singletrack: Cooper's Rock and the Big Sandy Valley.
BRAGGING ALERT: I figured that since next week's trip to St. George/Gooseberry Mesa is gonna be All-Time, I'd better get back into the groove and ride some dirt. Which is ironic since I never really think of dirt when I'm in WV as much as I do rock and mud, and we'll be riding quite a bit of rock in Utah.
I finally cleaned one of my nemeses: a rock garden/creek crossing that had me bamboozled for quite a while. Then I rode the first section of Scott Run for the first time in awhile and was feeling pretty cheeky. Stopped, checked the pressure in the rear tire - the one I've been having trouble setting up tubeless. Of course, it was squishy. Spent the next 20 minutes installing a tube.
The rest of the ride was downright awesome.

Made it back to the car and asked Supe if she wanted to go see Wonder Falls. She thought about it for a dog second, then went batshit crazy the way she always does at the beginning of a ride. That dog loves to go!

Made it down to Wonder Falls, kicked back in the 65 degree blue sky sunshine, drank me a brew, then spot some kayakers coming downstream. Hot damn!! Never saw somebody run Wonder Falls in person. Headed back to Morgantown for a Black Bear Burrito, and got into a cool conversation with a guy who did the production for the 2014 World WW Championship in Deep Creek/Savage River, and who also is a mountain biker, and who also crews for a Race Across America team. Made it back to Ohio around 10:00, a bit worse for wear and tear, but happy.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ok, I'll admit that tonight's frozen burritos taste a little like dog food. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Mont Bell

Really digging my new stuff from Mont Bell. Cheaper than some of the other outdoor brands and more carefully selected product line.