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Mountain Bike Trails I've Ridden:

Ohio: The Biggest Little Mountain Bike Trail (Camp Tuscazoar)Medina Reagan, Royalview, Bedford, West Branch, Mohican, *Vulture’s Knob, Lake Hope, the shit in Columbus, Dillon, The Wilds, AEP Lands, Wayne National Forest/Marietta, Findley Michigan Island Lake, Highland, Proud Lake, Hickory Glen, Novi Tree Farm, Addison Oaks, Pontiac Lake, ***Potowatomi, Brighton, Yankee Springs, Fort Custer, **Big M, North Country Trail segments, *Copper Harbor, Boyne Highlands, High Country Pathway, Bass River, Stoney Creek, Hungerford West Virginia **Cooper’s Rock, **Davis, Slatyfork, Watters Smith, Big Bear, Mountwood, Kanawha, North Bend, Spruce Knob Pennsylvania Moraine, Brady’s Run, Laurel Mountain, Tomlinson Run, Quebec Run, *Apollo/Roaring Run, Northpark, Bavington, Allegrippis, Blue Knob, Rothrock/Cooper's Gap Virginia **Carvin’s Cove, Massanutten, Harrisonburg/Reddish Knob New York Ellicottville Maryland *Gambrill/Frederick Watershed North Carolina Dupont, Pisgah, Rocky Knob, *Dark Mountain, that trail with all the berms in Wilksboro Arizona Sedona California *Sequel Demo South Dakota *Storm Mountain, Tinton Trail

* My favorites

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hoggin' all the fun!

My Hog came into it's own today, thanks to some trail packing by MCFlow. It's quite a workout to keep the tires on the narrow packed tread, but that's why I got the damn thing. Otherwise I'd be stuck inside wanking on a trainer.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Took the dog and My Hog out for some Skoggin'. You know...skiing and Hogging.

Supe prefers the Hog because she likes to bark at it.

I prefer to ski in such conditions.

The known unknown: how would the Hog do in real snow?

My Hog wallowed.

But I knew this beforehand.

My Hog is great in marginal conditions, on frozen trails, and in 1 to 2 inches of snow.

But, as I confirmed tonight, that's about its limit.

I'm reading a book about Assholes. It's really funny and philosophical, but it makes me wonder just how big of an asshole I am.

My lovely wife and I saw the movie Wild the other night. Pretty good stuff. Ol' Reese Witherspoon pulled it off. Actually, she really did a couple of times, but that only added to what was already a good performance. Kind of a Hollywood ode to longhaul backpacking, as weird as that sounds.

I'm still pretty much hooked on The War on Drugs, especially "Under the Pressure", "Red Eyes", "Ocean In between","Baby Missiles" and "I Was There."

The end

Wednesday, January 7, 2015



Well, that just too bad cause I'm having a blast with this thing!
Christmas vacation was a blessed one for me. I rode seven different Michigan trail systems in a little over a week:
Proud Lake
Hickory Glen
Fort Custer
Yankee Springs
Big M
Betsie River Pathway
Island Lake
Fort Custer has some really fun parts, but also some really flat parts. But I'll keep going back because a) the Southwest German Shepherd Rescue is right across the street and b) Fort Custer has some really fun parts. Riding the trenches is a unique experience. (I've got some gopro footage but it's still such a PAIN IN THE ASS to deal with Blogger and video.)

Yankee Springs is kind of a haul on a SS fatbike but worth it. Because of the sand, I think Yankee might be best ridden when other trails are unrideable (think: early spring and winter) I finally figured out why the Barry Ribaux is called Barry: it's because the wildlife/state hunting are surrounding Yankee is called the, you guessed it, the Barry State Wildlife something or another. Who can keep track of all the designations of park areas in Michigan? Not me. I just enjoy them : )
^ A quick shout out to Whippoorwill Hill at Lake Michigan Rec Area. Cold as balls.
And a quick shout out to the sacred ground of the blowdown.
BIG M prior to the extraction.
Big M at the intersection with the NCT. Yes, I look silly, but it's a fair trade-off for the sweet fucking single track at Big M. Besides Cooper's Rock in WV, it's my favorite place to ride.
The Hog loves it too.
Unfortunately, I had to call in the extraction team (my lovely wife Karen) after things started getting, as Camper Van Beethoven would say, a little bit too weird. See, it was only about 15 degrees out, and the only thing I brought to drink was a half pint of Jameson, and breakfast was a bit scanty, and I was starting to freeze my ass off trying to pick my way back to the cabin on snow mobile trails and gravel roads. I was met with a Rolling Rock and a smile - what more could a guy ask for????
^ Maybe one of these???
^Or one of these^?????
We stayed near Crystal Mountain and spent New Years with friends. A couple of the guys had drift boated the Big Manistee the previous day and apparently had a nice day on the river.
^The Hog gets me turned around quite a bit, for some reason. I ended up doing a couple of loops and following my own tracks without realizing it on the Betsie River Pathway, the first snow the Hog has experienced. It handled like a champ. A real blue ribbon, big-balled, county fair champ. I like my Hog.

A quick stop along the Betsie and splash or two of Jameson, and I was ready to roll!
I don't think things get much colder than a windy day on Lake Michigan as it begins to ice up.
My Hog waits for me, "like a mongrel waits downwind on a tightrope leash."

Top 6 Cool Things of 2014
6) The flashflood at Hinckley, which totally rearranged the riverbed of a small creek I've been hiking for years, and one of my favorite places on earth
5) The new ride. Hmm...what will be next? Maybe one of these? Or maybe one of these?
4) My Hog
3) Mountain biking road trip with Brandon to Pisgah, Virginia, and WV
2) Our vacation to South Dakota. I've been to some cool places in the last few years, but no place has impacted more than the Black Hills.
1) Grandma Barb surviving her duty dance with death: stroke, brain aneurysm and a month-long induced coma (including being strapped down to a bed) to deal with respiratory complications. I said it before and I'll say it again: she's a stud.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Hike Around Rocky Gap State Park

A Little Hike Around Rocky Gap State Park  on my way back from DC. This is the second time in a month I've driven right on by some of the best mountain biking in the US without a bike. It hurt deep in my gut. Don't laugh - I'm serious!

Maybe a six mile loop around the lake that somebody has put put some time into. Plus some good old fashioned Maryland/WV haul roads that lead to who knows where and will require some badassery.

Cool info on the American Chestnut ^
I'll have two or three of these someday. ^
My buddy the turkey vulture. One winged and friendly as hell!

Hit by a car and never to fly again.

The park maintains a cool raptor aviary for injured and recovering birds.

 I'm thinking Rocky Gap will be a cool stopover point for a mountain biking trip to DC next time I go to see my son: Cooper's Rock, a quick loop at Rocky Gap, then Gambrill/Frederick Watershed, then either head back PA and hit up the stuff there, or go south to Harrisonburg and Roanoke. EPIC.

Pops is getting FAT
Here's my thoughts on my new fatbike:
  1. No way I'm spending $2000 on a fatbike
  2. Or even $1000 on a bike I'm not going to ride a whole lot
  3. I need a way to keep my dog in shape
  4. And now I can ride trails with her in the winter
  5. I'm not going to ride very far when it's really cold out
  6. So there's no need for gears
  7. A single speed will make me work my ass off
  8. Which is exactly what I need to stay in shape this winter
  9. I've got more miles on my bikesdirect cross bike than any bike I own: she's been a trooper
  10. And she only cost $500
  11. I can ride in sketchy conditions and not feel guilty
  12. All the cool kids in Michigan have one
  13. It should arrive in time for our New Year's trip up north
  14. I can put this thing on my hitch rack and not worry about getting derailleurs all funked up 
  15. The price fit my tightwad budget: $400 for this beauty! 
  16. Anybody want to buy a pair of cross country skis?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

My wife, brother and I brought Thanksgiving dinner to my mother, who was emerging from a three month ordeal that included a stroke, a brain aneurysm, severe respiratory complications requiring a tracheotomy, pneumonia, and MRSA infection. She was in an induced coma for over a month. She's a stud.