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Ohio: CVNP Trails, Camp Tuscazoar, 2 Ton Falls, Medina Reagan, Royalview, Bedford, West Branch, Mohican, **Vulture’s Knob, Lake Hope, Alum Creek, Dillon, The Wilds, AEP Lands, Wayne National Forest/Marietta, Findley

Michigan Island Lake, Highland, Proud Lake, Hickory Glen, Novi Tree Farm, Addison Oaks, Merrill, Luton, Pontiac Lake, ***Potowatomi, Brighton, Yankee Springs, Fort Custer, ***Big M, North Country Trail segments, *Copper Harbor, Boyne Highlands, High Country Pathway, Bass River, Stoney Creek, Hungerford, Hines Trails

Florida Hannah State Park, Jacksonville

West Virginia ****Cooper’s Rock, **Davis, Slatyfork, Watters Smith, Two track to Wonder Falls/Big Sandy River Gorge, Big Bear, Mountwood, Kanawha, North Bend, Spruce Knob, Valley Falls, ***North Fork Mountain

Pennsylvania Moraine, Brady’s Run, Laurel Mountain, Tomlinson Run, Quebec Run, *Apollo/Roaring Run, Northpark, Bavington, Allegrippis, Blue Knob, 2 Mile Run, Tussey Mountain, Rothrock/Cooper's Gap, Kennerdell

Virginia **Carvin’s Cove, Massanutten, Elizabeth Furnace/Signal Knob Harrisonburg/Reddish Knob

New York Ellicottville

Maryland ***Gambrill/Frederick Watershed

North Carolina Dupont, Pisgah: Turkey Pen, ***Bennet Gap, ***Daniels Ridge, Bracken, Black Mountain, Long Branch. ***Kitsuma, Rocky Knob, *Dark Mountain, Warrior Creek

Arizona Sedona: Highline, Slim Shady

California *Sequel Demo

South Dakota *Storm Mountain, Tinton Trail

Utah: St. George/Hurricane: Zen, Barrel Roll/Suicidal tendencies, Gooseberry, Guacamole, JEM

**Brown County Indiana

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Turn Back Time

We found that the best way to do a couple of the best loops was counterclockwise: Daniels Ridge, Kitsuma, and Cedar Rock. But mostly we found there was always a point where we had to turn back, despite the miles and miles of trails left for us to explore at Pisgah. 
Top of Lower Black after shuttling Bennets Gap. What a rooty chunky hoot! Next time: Buckwheat and Bennets, and all of Black Mountain

Two crazy awesome descents. 

We couldn't stop laughing. So fun. 

Charley and Brando were perfect riding buddies. Everything went just right. Thanks dudes! It was awesome, wasnt it it??

Afternoon ride on the machine-built Bracken trails. Ball buster climb, wicked fast descent. We could have kept riding to the Fish Hatchery. Maybe next time. 

Daniels Ridge loop. We rode clockwise, and I'm glad we did because we got to appreciate the sights along the creek. 

Pure Pisgah. A must do ride. 

One of the best campsites I've ever seen. 

The climbs are always part of the package. We all rode ourselves into shape. I felt a little ripped and ready to roll by the time it was all over. 

Once again, time to turn back. Farlow loomed as a huge doorway to the back country. We half-heartedly talked about riding it but decided that we weren't prepared. 

We got lucky with the weather. Sunny and 60s and always incredible views through the early spring trees. 

One of two awesome waterfalls on Daniels Ridge loop. 

Supe's reward for having to stay in the car for so long. 

Stopped back at the car, then headed up the gravel road to Long Branch, then took Buttermilk up to this waterfall. But then we had to turn back. So much to ride. I'm glad we did a series of shorter rides, but now that we have a better sense of the place - at least this section of the forest - we'll do some bigger rides next time. 

DuPont seemed like Pisgah Lite after our descents down Bennets, Black and Long Branch. Probably best to do the Cedar Rock loop counterclockwise. We just didn't have the legs for Burnt Mountain. But it was there!!!

Drove up to Asheville on our third day to ride Kitsuma. Again, a trail best done counterclockwise. (Really, it's the only way!) It's a "14er": fourteen well-designed switchbacks to the top. Then the bottom drops out. A couple of short steep sections but overall, I think I got the biggest laughs out of this descent of any we rode. Incredibly fast. Let off the brakes and you immediately accelerate to scary speed. Back off and do it again!

Mount Mitchell in the background. 

Awesome closed-road return route. 

We seriously entertained notions of doing this loop twice, but it will have to wait until next time. We missed the geyser, too!

An all-too-short stop at Red River Gorge on the way home. A sweet place with miles of cool hiking trails. Same theme: when do I turn back??

Supe's dinner on a boulder next the the Red River. 

Sky Bridge. Sheer drop offs to the valley floor on either side. That kind of thing spooks me. I had vision of Angels Landing in Zion. 

I thought I'd sneak in a ride at Devou in Cincy on the way back, but the city manages the system like its a city pool or something, with strict opening dates regardless of conditions. Oh well. Hit up Caesar's Creek instead but decided that the rear shock needed some serious maintenance so I bagged it and drove home, still happy as hell!!

It was nice to see MC and Gus at Squatch Bikes and Brews. They're still in the build-out phase, but it's gonna be very cool. We all tried to hook up for a ride, but things were too busy, so once again: Next time!!!