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Utah: Zen, Barrel Roll/Suicidal tendencies, Gooseberry, Guacamole, JEM

**Brown County Indiana

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

All you need ^ ¥

Todd Snider and Greensky Blurgrass at Hoxeyville. 


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Six rides, six states, six days

1) Poto MI - one of the best trails anywhere

2) Medina Reagan OH - turning into Ray's Outdoor Mountain bike park. We're damn lucky!!  Shop ride from Edge Outdoors.

3) Elizabeth Furnace VA - as usual, I chose a shitty route for my first ride there. And like the first time I was in GW National Forest, it started pouring as soon as I got there. Got a little lost in the first few miles because I followed the pink route which branched off the purple route (honest mistake, eh?) and ended up doing part of the fire road climb twice. Made it up to Signal Knob Ridge and started getting worried about time since it was already about 5:30. Attempted to climb up the fire road to Signal Knob but petered out. Checked on strava when I got home and I was almost there!! Must be an awesome view of the Shenandoah Valley. Figured I'd take the blue route back to the parking lot, thinking it would be all downhill. Ha ha!! Little did I know that the first mile involved an unrideable (almost unhikeable with a bike) steep rocky ascent to a ridge higher than Signal Knob! Started getting a little worried. Plenty of food and water and I generally knew my location, but it was definitely high up on a ridge in the backcountry. Finally got to the top and thought it would be an easy and fun cruise down the last few miles. Again, ha ha! The first hundred yards or so were filled with unrideable bolders that made for difficult hiking. Gradually it got better and I started bombing and it got fun. Note to self: go counterclockwise up to Signal Knob, take the white trail across to the blue, and enjoy. One of the toughest rides I've ever done with over 180 feet average climbed per mile. I'll be back.

4) Washington DC - DC counts as a state, doesn't it?? A good time just poking around the city. Got yelled at by a Whitehouse cop. They probably had me under surveillance the rest of my ride.

5) Frederick Watershed Maryland - Poked around to try to get a better feel for this place. It's technically illegal to ride there so no maps or good trail markings. Relied on some strava segments, then got to some familiar territory. Did a climb up the Lawnmower Trail then started to bomb down, hoping I'd end up at Hamburg Road and climb the road back to the car. It ended up that way and what a hoot!! Road climb was a ball buster - glad I still have a 2x10 drivetrain!! Checked strava when I got home, and there's like three or four other bomber, rocky bootleggy downhill routes in the same area I was riding!! I'd love to have a shuttle vehicle there for a weekend.

6) Coopers Rock WV - always wanted to do the road climb up Quarry Run, so I parked the car at the bottom of the mountain, knowing that the downhill run at the end of my ride would be killer (Brandon, Adam and I had parked a shuttle car at the main parking lot last time, so I knew the route down to Cheat Lake and Mt. Chateau). Made it to the top by taking Goodspeed Road to Chestnut Ridge Campground, then rode the roadside trail to the Ridge Trail but decided to take Rhododendron down to the furnace so I could ride the sweet section alongside Clay Run, one of my all-time favorite sections of trail anywhere. A couple of hundred yards from the bottom, I clipped my handlebars in a tight section and thought I was gonna take a big old tumble down into the ravine. Reminded me that I always need to be vigilant and careful when riding alone in places like that.

It was an awesome trip, but most importantly, I got to see my son, his fiance and future in-laws, which was the real purpose of the trip to begin with!
The time spent with them is better than any mountain bike ride. Really looking forward to their wedding alongside the Potomac in southern Maryland in the spring!!

Seen in Cumberland, home of Delfest, where my son's bluegrass band played a coupe of years ago. Stopped there on the way back for food. A cool old town that the locals are desperately trying to keep alive.

Big riding at one of the most technical trails on the East coast.

My camera is taking shitty pictures, or it could be that I was pretty wiped out by that time and couldn't really hold the phone still.

Another shitty pic, but it gives a sense of the terrain.

I was hoping for a nice easy flow trail after Eliz Furnace, but I think Fountainhead has a dedicated crew of builders who want to see a heavily used trail stay in good shape. Man, do they shut it down!!

Frederick Watershed/Gambrill is a rockhopper's dream. I finally brought the right bike for the terrain.

The trail weaves among these cool quartz boulders.

One of the things I love about the Blue Ridge/Appalachians is the mountain streams.

The only thing that went wrong the entire six days!

Walking the rocky trail that leads to Mt. Chateau Lodge, I realized that much of it can actually be ridden. Not sure I'd try it unless I had knee pads and some company, tho.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Slightly Stoopid "Open Road"
Phantogram "When I'm Small"

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Manistee Car Camping

Ha ha!!!! Karen and I will soon be the proud parents of two acres of semi-improved land near Nine Mile Bridge. Yes, that's within walking distance of Big M and the Little Manistee River. The NCT runs along the back of our property line. Twenty minutes to the beach and Nordhouse Dunes and the Blowdown and Whipporwill Hill, etc, twenty minutes to Hodepyle Lake, Caberfae, etc. Thirty minutes to Crystal Mountain. Big Manistee River, Pine River, Pere Marquette River.

Boy Howdy!

Hot diggity!!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

One Damn Fine Day in West Virginia

Gameplan: drive to WV, ride Cooper's Rock then down to Wonder Falls, eat at Black Bear burritos, then drive home that night.

Leave a car at the Burger King near Cheat Lake. Start at the top of Scott Run, make our way around and see the sights, climb the powerline to the top of the railroad grade, then bomb down to Cheat Lake.

Cooper's Rock rules. I never do the same route twice. 

Well, Cooper's Rock was a total slop fest. The wettest I've ever seen it. Started down Scott Run and began worrying that we were being stupid.

Of course, Peter Dragon, first timer, cleans the first part of the climb at Scott's Run. Amazing.

Things stayed sloppy.

Then Adam cleaned The Wall. He's 2 for 2. I'm O for about 20.

Then it poured and we had to seek shelter. We looked at each other and said to ourselves, "What we're doing is stupid, but I'm not gonna be the guy to say it out loud."
I got stung by something. It stung the rest of the day, then itched for three days afterward.

Sunburnt and soggy at the overlook. (Did I just hear somebody say "saggy"?)

Then it got sloppier.

Peter Dragon (he's so crazy) got a flat on the Rhododendron downhill.

Then it poured some more.

I didn't realize this was a live hornet nest until after Adam and Brandon rode under it. Ha ha. Good times.

Then Adam got a flat. But it didn't matter because we had begun the descent back to the car, down the railroad grade to the furnace and down Mt. Chateau, following Clay Run the whole way.

I'm telling you ladies and gentlemens, that final descent was one of the best segments of trail I've ever ridden. Technical and ripping for about three miles. Can't wait to get back there and do it again.
Except I wasn't exactly sure how to get back to the car once we reached the bottom. I knew there was a sweet swimming hole at Cheat Lake, but looking across Clay Run, I couldn't see a trail that would take us around to the Ices Ferry area.

So I gave it a reconnoiter while Brandon and Adam were enjoying the cooling off in Cheat Lake. 
Alas, there is a somewhat technical, but clearly discernible trail around the lake's edge to the Mt. Chateau lodge. We busted out, rode a golf course cart path a few hundred yards and made it back to my car, no worse for wear and tear.  And damn happy.

No ride down to Wonder Falls, but hit up Black Bear Burritos. Made it back home by 10:00.