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Ohio: CVNP Trails, Camp Tuscazoar, 2 Ton Falls, Medina Reagan, Royalview, Bedford, West Branch, Mohican, **Vulture’s Knob, Lake Hope, the shit in Columbus, Dillon, The Wilds, AEP Lands, Wayne National Forest/Marietta, Findley

Michigan Island Lake, Highland, Proud Lake, Hickory Glen, Novi Tree Farm, Addison Oaks, Merrill, Luton, Pontiac Lake, ***Potowatomi, Brighton, Yankee Springs, Fort Custer, ***Big M, North Country Trail segments, *Copper Harbor, Boyne Highlands, High Country Pathway, Bass River, Stoney Creek, Hungerford, Hines Trails

Florida Hannah State Park, Jacksonville

West Virginia ****Cooper’s Rock, **Davis, Slatyfork, Watters Smith, Two track to Wonder Falls/Big Sandy River Gorge, Big Bear, Mountwood, Kanawha, North Bend, Spruce Knob, Valley Falls, ***North Fork Mountain

Pennsylvania Moraine, Brady’s Run, Laurel Mountain, Tomlinson Run, Quebec Run, *Apollo/Roaring Run, Northpark, Bavington, Allegrippis, Blue Knob, 2 Mile Run, Tussey Mountain, Rothrock/Cooper's Gap, Kennerdell

Virginia **Carvin’s Cove, Massanutten, Elizabeth Furnace/Signal Knob Harrisonburg/Reddish Knob

New York Ellicottville

Maryland ***Gambrill/Frederick Watershed

North Carolina Dupont, Pisgah, Rocky Knob, *Dark Mountain, that trail with all the berms in Wilksboro

Arizona Sedona: Highline, Slim Shady

California *Sequel Demo

South Dakota *Storm Mountain, Tinton Trail

Utah: St. George/Hurricane: Zen, Barrel Roll/Suicidal tendencies, Gooseberry, Guacamole, JEM

**Brown County Indiana

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FOR SALE: 2013 Scott Scale 920 size large $1500 obo

2013 Scott Scale 920 carbon 29er  Large

FOX 32 Float 29 Evolution CTD Air, 3modes, 100mm
Syncros seat/post 
Syncros wheels (DT Swiss hubs)
XT Shadow Plus derailleur
XT cranks
SLX shifter/brakes

Nukeproof 760mm bars, and Nukeproof 60mm stem
Tubeless set up

Spring of 2015 updates: new cassette, chain, 32-tooth Raceface N/W chain ring (1x10), bottom bracket, headset, shifter cable, brake pads
Fork: upgraded to 2015 CTD damper cartridge, seals, oil
Nearly new Maxxis Crossmark front, rear in very good condition 

I bought a dual suspension bike shortly after these upgrades, and quickly realized my aging body prefers squish over speed. Now it's time to upgrade the dual suspension bike, so I have to let this one go.

This would make a great intro race bike

$1500 obo

330-441-1454    Tim
Complete bike only
No shipping
Can be seen/ridden/delivered in Akron/Cleveland area and SE Michigan

Rub marks on the seat post from bike stand.

Scratch on the top tube

Scratch on the seatstay^


Some recent pics (so that I can keep the For Sale bike at the top of the blog!)

Did a DIY install of some "studs" (1/2 screws) to the Vee Missions, and so far so good. Two rides, one of 10 miles, and everything seems to be functioning: no missing "studs" and no flats. The Vee Missions are crappy tires, so any modification is an upgrade. Well see how long they last.
Took a glorious ride at Proud Lake and my new SSG gloves kicked ass!!

My WV Bucket List: Via Ferrata
Betley Hot Springs
Thorny Mt. Fire tower
Dolly sods
Harpers ferry
Cranberry glades

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dry January

Day 2 of dry January. Yesterday and last night I consumed, consumed, consumed: pretzels, licorice, water. I think that my night time congestion was less severe, but hard to tell. My resolve is good. I keep thinking about two things: the money I waste on beer, and the countless times I found myself cracking open a beer that I didn't really want or need.

Day 3 of Dry January. Tough day. Spent a lot of time finding things to fill up the routine of cracking open a beer. Hopefully, getting back to work will make things way easier, although coming home and seeing Bud Light in the fridge reminded me of why I'm doing this: No desire whatsoever to open one of those. Also found a six pack of New Belgium Fat Tire, which I hid in a cabinet, and a shot bottle of Rum Chata, which also got stored away. Feeling cranky and edgy. Drank decaf coffee and Sprite Zero.

Fast forward to Day 7: feeling pretty good. I've notice a marked decrease in my sinus conjestion, especially at night. I still have pangs when I think about going home after a long day of work and cracking one open, but my compensation behaviors are beginning to override the urges. Got home last night after about 12 hours at work and didn't even think about a beer until I had been there for about an hour. Sprite Zero is a good substitute!! I at least already feel healthier and I know I'm doing a good thing. I won't have any problem with the next three weeks. The real challenge will come in February 1: will I even begin drinking again?

Day 18: While I keep getting the urge to grab a beer, I find that drinking water or a ginger ale soothes the urge adequately. I've lost a few pounds, my mood is more even, and I'm thinking clearer, but more importantly, I like my body and attitude now that they are temporary sober. And I proven to myself that I can go without. On the downside, my gut seems to be reacting to milk in a weird; it's almost like I've become lactose intolerant. Drank a mocha, a cup of chai tea, and ate a owl of cereal and they all gave me intestinal discomfort. Oh well.
Now that the end is in sight, it's kinda like I don't want it to come. This has been a good experience, and I know I'll be able to do a better job of moderating my drinking. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Five Fun Things from 2015

Buying our little piece of paradise near Nine Mile Bridge, Manistee MI.

Backpacking with my lovely wife on North Manitou Island. 

Hiking at Hinckley Metrpark with my grandsons. 

Mountain biking at St. George, Utah

2ton trip to Davis WV and North Fork Mountain

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter Vacation in Manistee MI

XC skiing the NCT from our property

Hike along the Manistee River Trail

Birdhouse Dunes/ Lake Michigan Rec

Monday, December 21, 2015

Kennerdell and Cooper's Rock

So I haven't been back to Kennerdell since I went OTB about ten years ago and drove home with very sore ribs. Too bad: this place rules. Found out a few things, good and bad. People considered the northern section just as good as the southern section, but the northern trails have been ruined by logging. On the up side, I learned about the "jeep" trail that runs along the river then back up to the ridge, which sounds very cool. I also found out that Dennison Run is off limits to mt. bikes but for a very good reason: it's a viable trout stream that produces hatches. Don't want to screw with that!!

Windows Trail. One of the best short segments of any trail I've ever ridden.

A little tricky with frost and ice on the trail so I walked some of it.

Scared up a bald eagle just a few seconds before this pic was taken. They've become so common now that's it's not a big deal to see them, but I still think they're cool.

It took a bit a wandering to find Windows. My memory was a little foggy since it's been such a long time ago, so of course I took the turn that leads to the downhill to the river. Leaf covered, but kick ass. Some water bars have been installed so it's one of the better trails in the system. And it just keeps going down, down, down!

Climbed back up Pipeline, but I was really looking for Blunder. Went searching for the overlook that I remembered, but couldn't find it. Kept following the Ridge Trail cause I was guessing it would lead me back to the parking lot (it did). Walked a little way down Goat Trail where I believe I bit it hard last time I was there. Supe was already in for about 8 miles so it was time to find the car. I guess you can ride from the town of Kennerdell and access a bunch of stuff on the south end.
The whole system has the makings of an all-day ride, but some of trails are very old-school. Less than two hours from home. I'm coming back next summer. Had a bit to eat at the infamous North Country Brewery in Slippery Rock afterward. Felt kinda like home since a long time ago Slippery Rock Creek was my go-to whitewater river, and I've ridden Moraine so many times. Very cool area.

Checked the weather and Morgantown was gonna be 60 degrees! I had actually planned to go there for both days but wasn't into the drive originally. Kennerdell fired me up, and it was only about an hour and a half down 79, so I decided to head south.

Next day at Copper's Rock:
Did a loop for Supe around the cross country ski trails to Scott Run. From Strava, I knew that some of the locals were riding in from the Mt. Pisgah Road area to the east, and I had always wondered where the trail intersected with Scott Run Trail. It didn't take much searching with the light snow on the ground: it was right across the creek! We hiked a bit of it, and my mind was spinning about the new possibilities for routes. Cooper's Rock is different every time I go there, and it keeps yielding up more areas to explore.
Supe apparently doesn't understand that water can be cold.
The new singletrack connector we found.
Just a small creek crossing to access the "new" stuff.
The sun broke out for a while. December 21 and the temp was 55 degrees The trails were as dry as I have ever seen them!!

Dropped off Supe and did a "Pops Loop."
I love this rock, but I never seem to be able to capture its beauty.

That's the bike near center of the pic on a boulder looking down into Clay Run. I was a bit apprehensive about spooking up a bear.
That's the bottom side of the boulder. Fun contrast with the tree fungus.
Had a ripping good time listening to old Black Sabbath and flying down Mt. Chateau.
Cooper's Rock rules.